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psychologist in Amsterdam LangenbergGood afternoon, welcome to my website 'Psychologist Amsterdam'. I am therapist Gwen Langenberg and when you get stuck on something or want to work on yourself, you can contact me at short notice for therapy, brainspotting and coaching. My practice directly adjacent to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station currently has no waiting list and you can make an appointment without a referral, so be welcome!

Glad you're here - you're not alone!

Almost all of us have to deal with it in our lives, drastic events and or feelings that turn everything upside down for a while. Fortunately, we often get over it ourselves. We pick ourselves up and give it a place somewhere. But what if we can't give it a place anymore? What if certain events and feelings, of which you are sometimes not even aware anymore, get in the way of your daily life and it feels like you are stuck, you are no longer yourself? Then it is good to know that you are not alone and that there is a place where you are welcome to work with a committed and skilled therapist.

Help with a variety of complaints in Amsterdam

Do you recognize yourself in one (or more) of the following obstacles? You often feel insecure. You have burn-out complaints or are over-tired and putting yourself to work is becoming increasingly difficult. Saying 'no' in a healthy way is difficult. You feel an emotional blockage. You have the idea that you are not in touch with your emotions, have difficulty expressing them to yourself, let alone to others. You are very perfectionist. You feel agitated, gloomy or anxious. The expectations of others and yourself weigh heavily on you. You get stuck in your relationships. What we can face as human beings is quite a lot. That's why you can come to me for support with a wide variety of themes.

Customization - therapy centered around You

Which methods we will use during our sessions depends on your specific needs and preferences, in which I will always advise you from my expertise which form of therapy best suits your goals. As a therapist I use various forms of therapy, such as behavioral therapy (RET), systemic work, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, mindfulness and brainspotting. So there is always an excellent alignment possible between you as an individual, your complaint or desire for growth and the approach we take. And that makes a world of difference to the effectiveness of our process.

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As a therapist I am there for you

As a therapist, I am happy to be there for you, to get you moving again toward your goals. I work from a holistic perspective with the connection between body, thoughts, emotions and consciousness. I will be there for you to mirror you, create more awareness and insight so that you take back control from your own strength and wisdom.

Getting started at Psychologist Amsterdam?

Do you have a question, or would you like to make an appointment for therapy, brainspotting or coaching? For all big and small questions, you are more than welcome. You can always contact me by email, phone or through the contact form on this website.

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Gwen Langenberg
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You are more than welcome

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment or with any questions you may have.